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Intimate Wedding Venues In Texas For 50 Guests

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Texas offers a diverse landscape perfect for intimate weddings, where couples can celebrate with just 50 guests. These smaller gatherings provide a personal touch and allow for deeper connections with each attendee. Hosting an intimate wedding not only enhances the experience with personalized interactions but also often results in significant cost savings and more venue options.

Intimate Wedding Venues: Small, Yet Perfectly Formed

Intimate wedding venues are typically defined as those that can accommodate under 100 guests. These venues are often smaller in size but perfectly formed to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere. One of the advantages of choosing a smaller venue is the more affordable pricing. With fewer guests to accommodate, couples can allocate their budget towards other aspects of their wedding, such as food, decor, or entertainment.

Another advantage of intimate wedding venues is the ability to create a more intimate atmosphere. Smaller spaces allow for a closer connection between guests and create a sense of intimacy that is often lacking in larger venues. This can lead to a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for both the couple and their guests. Additionally, smaller venues often have unique features or architectural details that add charm and character to the overall ambiance.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Intimate Wedding Venue


The venue’s location sets the tone for the day; a quiet countryside venue offers a different ambiance than a vibrant city setting. Consider the travel convenience for guests and the backdrop for photos.


Evaluate what the venue offers. Does it provide catering, decoration, or audio equipment? These services can simplify planning and execution.


Smaller weddings can vary significantly in cost. Choose a venue that offers packages within your budget while still fulfilling your dream day requirements.

Style and Ambiance

The venue should reflect the couple’s style and theme of the wedding. Whether it’s rustic, modern, or traditional, the setting will significantly impact the wedding’s feel.

Top Intimate Wedding Venues in Texas for 50 Guests

Here’s a list of 10 intimate wedding venues in Texas, perfect for those seeking a more personal and cozy setting for their special day:

1. 2616 Commerce (Dallas, TX)  

This venue offers a blend of urban charm with flexibility for small to medium gatherings, catering to a vibrant, modern wedding.


2. Hickory Street Annex (Dallas, TX) 

Located in Dallas, this venue features an industrial aesthetic with exposed wood, concrete floors, and steel trusses, ideal for up to 200 guests.

3. Historic 512 (Fort Worth, TX)

A historic venue in Fort Worth that provides an upscale atmosphere with spaces like the Great Room and the Grand Ballroom, suitable for up to 160 guests.

4. Southside Preservation Hall & Rose Chapel (Fort Worth, TX)

Offers a blend of cultural history and modern amenities, capable of hosting up to 180 guests in its grand ballroom.

5. River Ranch Stockyards (Fort Worth, TX)

Reflects Texas heritage with a rustic setting suitable for both small and large gatherings, providing a range of services including in-house catering.

6. The Harrison Ballroom (Fort Worth, TX)

An upscale venue with full-day rentals, offering customizable floor plans and a capacity for up to 300 guests.

7. Crystal Oaks Events (Fort Worth, TX)

Set in a picturesque location, this venue supports up to 200 guests and allows customization to ensure the wedding reflects the couple’s style.

8. Hidden Pines (Hurst, TX)

Emphasizes the rustic charm of the Texas Hill Country, accommodating up to 325 guests with a beautifully modern and industrial feel.

9. The Haven River Inn (Comfort, TX)

A serene setting that offers a picturesque backdrop for smaller, intimate weddings.

10. Silo and Oak (Temple, TX)

Known for its intimate and personalized setting, this venue is perfect for those who prefer a quieter, more personalized wedding experience.

Tips for Planning an Intimate Wedding in Texas

Communication with Vendors

Ensure clear, continuous communication with your vendors to align your vision with their services. Small weddings often allow for more customized options, so take advantage to make your day unique.

Personal Touches

Incorporate details that reflect your personal story or shared interests. These touches make the event memorable and deeply personal.

Guest Experience Considerations

Think about the guest experience from start to finish—comfort, entertainment, and engagement are crucial.

Timeline and Logistics

A smaller guest list typically allows for a more relaxed timeline. However, it’s important to plan the day’s flow carefully to maximize enjoyment and minimize stress.


Intimate weddings in Texas offer a unique opportunity to celebrate your love surrounded by those who matter most. With the right venue and careful planning, your small wedding can be as grand as any large-scale event. For couples considering a wedding with just 50 guests, Texas provides a wide range of venue options that cater to diverse styles and preferences. Remember, the perfect venue is out there waiting to make your special day unforgettable.

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FAQ: Intimate Wedding Venues In Texas For 50 Guests 

1. What are some of the key considerations when choosing an intimate wedding venue in Texas?

When selecting a wedding venue in Texas for a small wedding with 50 guests, it’s essential to prioritize venues that offer intimate settings, have the capacity to accommodate your guest count, and provide the ambiance you desire. Additionally, consider whether you want a waterfront location, if you prefer an outdoor or indoor setting, and if the venue offers rental services for the entire day.

2. What are the benefits of hosting a micro wedding in Texas?

A micro wedding in Texas, especially with 50 or fewer guests, allows for a more intimate affair where you can truly nestsle in the moment and focus on your love and commitment. It offers a more personalized experience, giving you the opportunity to spend quality time with each guest and create lasting memories in a special way.

3. How can I find affordable wedding venues in Texas for my small 50-guest wedding?

When searching for affordable wedding venues in Texas for a small wedding with 50 guests, consider looking for venues that offer all-inclusive packages, discounts for off-peak seasons, or are located in rural areas where rental costs may be lower. Additionally, reaching out to local wedding planners might help you discover hidden gems that fit your budget.

4. What are some popular outdoor wedding venues in Texas ideal for a wedding of 50 guests?

For a wedding celebration with 50 guests in Texas, exploring outdoor venues that offer a picturesque and intimate setting can make your day memorable. Here are more popular options:

  • Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (Austin, TX): Nestled in Austin, this venue boasts beautiful landscapes filled with native Texas wildflowers, perfect for a nature-inspired wedding.

  • The Gardens of Cranesbury View (New Braunfels, TX): Offering meticulously sculpted European gardens, this venue provides a stunning backdrop for both ceremonies and receptions.

  • The Vineyards at Chappel Lodge (Austin, TX): Combining the charm of a vineyard with the elegance of landscaped gardens, this venue is ideal for those seeking a romantic setting.

  • Amarillo Botanical Gardens (Amarillo, TX): With vibrant gardens and peaceful walkways, this venue offers a serene and beautiful environment for an intimate wedding.

  • Lost Mission (Spring Branch, TX): This venue features rustic old-world architecture set against the natural beauty of Texas landscapes, creating a uniquely enchanting setting for your wedding.

Each of these venues offers unique elements that can cater to different styles and preferences, ensuring that your outdoor wedding in Texas is as beautiful as it is unforgettable. When choosing, consider the venue’s capacity to comfortably accommodate your guest list and any specific amenities you might need to ensure a seamless celebration.

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