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7 Wedding Photography Styles to Liven up the Celebration

wedding ceremony | Picture Perfect Productions

7 Wedding Photography Styles to Liven up the Celebration

wedding ceremony | Picture Perfect Productions

Wedding photography is one of the highlights of any wedding ceremony. It is the art of capturing those special moments that will last a lifetime. After all, the photographs taken at a wedding ceremony are the memories the newlyweds will cherish for years and even pass down to future generations.

Wedding photography mat because it is a way to capture the beauty and emotion of a wedding ceremony. It allows couples to reflect on their special day and relive the memories. In addition, wedding photographs are often shared with family and friends who could not attend the ceremony, allowing them to feel like they were a part of the celebration. However, the tricky part is capturing the best photos because wedding ceremonies are often fast-paced and unpredictable.

Luckily, there are many different wedding photography styles, each with unique characteristics and can be used to capture various aspects of the wedding ceremony. Some of the best ones include:

#1 – Classic Photography

Classic wedding photography is the most traditional and timeless style of wedding photography. It involves capturing posed and formal shots of the bride and groom, wedding party, and family members. Classic wedding photographers usually work with a shot list to ensure they capture all the important moments of the wedding day. The goal of classic wedding photography is to create beautiful, elegant, and timeless images that capture the essence of the wedding day.

#2 – Fine Art Photography

As the name suggests, fine art wedding photography is characterized by its artistic approach. The photographer often uses unique angles, lighting, and composition to create a visually stunning image. However, it’s also possible to incorporate other elements, such as nature, architecture, and other surroundings, to enhance the beauty of the shot. Fine art photographers aim to create images that are not only visually appealing but also tell a story and evoke emotions.

#3 – Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is precisely what it sounds like: photography from above, typically using drones or aircraft. Aerial wedding photography is a unique way to capture the beauty of a wedding venue and its surroundings. Aerial shots can showcase the scale and grandeur of a location and provide a different perspective of the wedding day. Aerial wedding photography can also capture unique moments, such as the couple’s first dance under the stars or fireworks lighting up the sky.

#4 – Dark and Moody Photography

Dark and moody wedding photography is a little tricky to pull off, but doable. This is because the photographer needs to find the right balance between shadows, highlights, and contrast to create a dramatic effect that captures the emotions of the wedding day. Dark and moody photography often uses low lighting, shades, and muted colors to evoke a sense of drama and mystery. This style of photography is perfect for couples who want to add a touch of edginess and intensity to their wedding photos and is also an excellent option for weddings with a Gothic or vintage theme.

#5 – Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is all about capturing the beauty of the natural surroundings of the wedding venue. This style of photography can showcase the stunning scenery around the couple and their guests. Landscape wedding photography is perfect for outdoor weddings, beach weddings, or weddings in picturesque locations, such as vineyards or mountains. This style of photography often involves using wide-angle lenses to capture the vastness of the landscape and the use of natural light to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

#6 – Editorial Photography

Editorial wedding photography is a style that is characterized by its use of storytelling. The photographer will often capture candid shots of the wedding ceremony and reception and pose shots of the bride and groom. The result is a collection of photographs that tell the wedding day’s story.

#7 – Photojournalistic Photography

Photojournalistic wedding photography is a style that is characterized by its candid and natural approach. The photographer often captures candid moments throughout the wedding ceremony and reception without interfering with or posing the subjects. This style is perfect for couples who want natural and authentic photographs.

Tips When Hiring a Wedding Photographer

When hiring a wedding photographer, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Below are some tips that will help you find the perfect photographer for your wedding day:

Look at the Photographer’s Portfolio

You must always look at a wedding photographer’s portfolio because this will give you an idea of their style and the quality of their work. Look at their portfolio in detail and ask for full wedding galleries.

Know the Photographer’s Availability

Wedding photographers are often booked and busy, so you may need to check their availability early in your wedding planning process. Be sure to ask about their schedule and if they have any other weddings booked around your wedding date. If they have multiple bookings, make sure they plan to cover both weddings without compromising on quality.

Ask about How You Will Receive the Photos

You must know how and in what format you will receive your wedding photos. Will they be sent digitally or in print? Will you receive all of the pictures or just a selection? Will they be edited or unedited? Ask about these details to know what to expect and plan accordingly.

Ask about Backup Plans

You must ask about backup plans for unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather or equipment malfunctions. The photographer you hire must have a contingency plan to ensure they can still capture the best possible photos despite unexpected challenges.

Inquire about Pricing

Above all else, you must get your money’s worth when hiring a wedding photographer. Most wedding photographers offer packages that include a certain number of hours of coverage, prints, and digital images, so ask about the pricing for each package and what is included. Also, ask if there are any additional fees or charges you should know of.


Wedding photography is essential to any wedding, as it captures the memories of your special day that will last a lifetime. For this reason, you must choose your preferred style and hire the best wedding photographer to ensure your wedding photos are of the highest quality. This way, you can look back on your wedding day with joy and pride in the beautiful images that showcase your love and commitment to each other, along with family and friends who celebrated with you.

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